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TQC Year Three

TDQ 09 - Year Three

Members of the TQC Year Three Cohort take a break from the Summer 2009 lab course to have a group photograph taken with education coordinator Fletcher Burchett and instructors Dr. Tara Carpenter and Dr. Tiffany Gierasch.

Congratulations to the 18 TQC Year Three Program Teacher Scholars
who completed the program with poster presentations at the Share Our Success Conference on
Saturday, April 24, 2010 at UMBC’s South Campus.

Jason Ader Michele Harrison
Efiong Akpan Kelly Hope
Roxan Banzon Wesley Hubbert
Criselda Belarmino Jody Jallepalli
Heather Cassetta Ethan Jennings
Alberta Cuffey-Yoloye Susan Nierenberg
Alvin Daniels Shabana Sharieff
Donald Davis Danielle Stevens
Janet Echiverri Evangeline Sy