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TQC Year Two

TQC Year Two

Members of the TQC Year Two Cohort take a break from the Summer 2008 lab course to have a group photograph taken with education coordinator Fletcher Burchett and instructors Dr. Tara Carpenter and Dr. Tiffany Gierasch.

Congratulations to the six TQC Year Two Program Teacher Scholars who completed the program with poster presentations at the Share Our Success Conference in April 2009 at UMBC’s South Campus.

Rhoda R. Bacayon Shelly Malik
Rebecca Blackwell Ma Vilma B. Ramos
Vidhaata Luthra Aniefiok Udoh


Testimonials from the Year Two TQC Alum….

“I was not a Chemistry major in college but a Chemistry minor. I can teach the material but didn’t have a strong understanding of the whys. This course helped me understand the whys, which helps me in my teaching to give the students a better understanding. The labs and visit to the Baltimore City Crime Lab were excellent applications and will show how chemistry is used in real-life and careers…”

Rebecca Blackwell
Oakland Mills High School

“The program is ‘Great’ because the academic and laboratory experiences helped me to be more knowledgeable as far as Chemistry is concerned and gave me new ideas/teaching strategies on how to conduct my lessons”

Ma Vilma B. Ramos
Southside Academy#181

“This program helped me a lot in terms of content, strategy and technology awareness. POGIL is really new to me and hard to do but I am very positive that I could little by little implement this to my class. I really learned a lot from this workshop, it was hard & tough but it goes with being in a very good university & very good instructors.”

Rhoda R. Bacayon
Stuart Hill Academic Academy


“I thought this program was a great way to get us Chemistry teachers thinking seriously about what and how we teach. The lab activities were forensic based and they provided a good platform for me to introduce the same to my students. I loved the relentlessness of our instructors. They made sure we didn’t leave without understanding what each activity was meant to accomplish.”

Aniefiok Udoh
Bladensburg High School

“The program was rigorous & challenging in both chemistry and our thoughts on education. It serves to both fortify our chemistry content knowledge and gives us new, innovative insights on how to engage our students in learning chemistry.”

Vidhaata Luthra
Springbrook High School

“The TQC Program has provided me with a lot of useful information on Chemistry and how forensics is used in Chemistry. On the pedagogical end, the introduction of the POGIL worksheet was something new for me and which I would implement and work on in my classroom… The Instructors (Dr. Carpenter and Dr. Gierasch) were wonderful and I would highly recommend this program to the other chemistry teachers at MCPS.”

Shelly Malik
Col. Zadok Magruder High School